"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." - Aristotle
We started as three guys in Southern California who just wanted to create some really cool stuff. Our pedigree and passion from automotive racing taught us the importance of using cutting edge material science to create the best possible tools for the job.

Most often we found ourselves knee-deep in problems that required clever handcrafted solutions. Young Carbon represents our lifelong pursuit of knowledge with products engineered to dramatically improve the function of their predecessors.
The Lightest & Strongest Skateboard Ever Made Where our story begins...
There are very few people more neglected than the skateboarding community. Even with today's technology deck construction hasn't changed since originally debuted in competition circa 1965!

After 50 years without an improvement to their only tool we decided it was time to rethink how they're made and embarked on our first project. We realized very quickly that the propensity for standard wooden decks to critically fail was a certainty and bodily damage was considered an acceptable cost of entry.

A year of research lead us through maritime vessels and how they are built to withstand the intense compression while traversing open seas. What we found was that critical failure could be almost entirely mitigated with modern materials and that a skater shouldn't have to be injured because their tool broke.
A Beautiful Blend of Form and Function Our take on a radically new skateboard
Using an entirely new approach, and battle hardened techniques, we produced a deck twenty times more rigid weighing in at only 2.25 lbs. Once we determined the most effective way to reduce weight, and improve durability, our ambitions continued with intensity toward finding every possible way to engineer something even better.

The first decision was to create a mounting platform for the trucks, that would merge flawlessly when installed, to alleviate the added weight from requiring rubber 'shocks' during the mounting process. By utilizing proprietary molds milled from marine grade aluminum we are able to use lasers to drill and align the trucks with meticulous precision.

Unlike traditional wooden boards, these mounting platforms provide a solid base with which kinetic energy can be evenly transferred through the deck, an incomparable degree of control while maneuvering and unmatched compressive strength when properly landing tricks.
Carbon Leather: The Goat Bleeding edge material science
Fast forward three years and we're still cooking up some incredible gear. After exploring the limitations of rigid composites we decided there had to be another way to utilize the material in more practical ways. We spent countless hours working with weavers to create a beautiful array of flexible carbon fabrics that allow us freedom to craft in tremendous new ways.

We're excited to have the opportunity to provide the world with a new class of material composition with exciting and unrivaled products. Many of our creations were the first of their kind, and some - still to this day - remain unduplicated. There's a strong sense of pride in our pedigree that will continue to search out new and profound ways to improve upon the future.

Thank you for being apart of our journey
We truly appreciate you