Yosemite, Dewey Point | Scott YoungJul 08, 2019

Yosemite, Dewey PointYosemite National Park

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The ground shakes as torrential water thunders downward from replete towering behemoths of granite. Sharp contrasts of green overwhelm the landscape while breathtaking panaramas play peekaboo amongst a bitter air and lifeless forest.
Pohono: An Evil Spirit
There's no respite in the legends, voices or infirm fate on the mountain. The trenchant malady of Bridalveil Fall looms above with staunch verism adumbrating one's emotions with a grating resolve. Warnings of old serve no vital wisdom as the ascent turns from scenic grandeur to an everlasting languid grit.
Seeking Inspiration
The protection of thick foliage shadows the distant in what appears as vibrant topiary depictions from another world. Flowers inundate the horizon with wondrous hues of red and blue as the color permeates an overcast gloom; a beautiful showcase for wells of sunlight sprinkling into the valleys below. Reverence fades to prudence as acrimonious winds narrate the impending approach.
Stanford: Fatal Winds
As we ascend further into animated forests they sharpen their form with demanding obliquity. A delicate haze cloaks the mountainside with harrowing trepidation. Exacerbated conditions attenuate the intensity of our pace while we find ourselves shrouded amidst a battery of snow. The tumultuous power of Yosemite was revealing her nefariousness with a solemn barbarity. 
Measuring progress among the vascillating onslaughts of hail and tepid chinooks becomes a disconsolate assault on the mind and body. With a tempered resolve we change direction and begin what seems an effortless saunter through the woods.