Let's talk about how sick this stuff is! | Vinny M.Jun 04, 2020

Let's talk about how sick this stuff is!

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I've been doing a lot of traveling the last 10 years - mostly international - and for long stints.

Young Carbon made me a bag to replace all if the "high end" bags before it. I commissioned Scott to make me (what we jokingly call the Hulk Bag) a giant Carbon Leather bag that can hold 6 months of stuff for me at one time. He came through with a "prototype" bag that would suffice as a daypack for Bruce Banners big green friend. For me it's a year-bag. The first edition of the bag saw some crazy abuse by the airlines I used, mostly due to its imense size and the amount of weight I was able to loosely stuff inside. 

I went back to Scott and threw down my "Warranty Card" which he gratefully cashed in. Since this was a prototype we both knew what to expect. Me more so than him. Scott continually thrives for perfection and wanted to replace the whole bag with a new one due to its battle scars being spread throughout. I insisted otherwise. The battle scars exhibit character and being a small business whom already supports veterans I didn't want to put him out the cost of a brand new bag. 

Scott and I came up with a game plan to reuse most of the original bag and add upgrades where needed. What we came up with is the 2.0 that you see currently for sale albeit much smaller and more manageable than the Hulk Bag. The upgrades turned an already amazing bag into what I consider the perfect duffle bag.

Aside from the amazing quality and craftmanship of the bag and materials, Young Carbon's customer service and attention to detail are second to none. When I say Scott wanted to replace the bag, I mean that I had to hold a gun to his head to get him to reuse the old bag and save the hundreds of dollars of material to put to better use. He reluctantly agreed and I couldn't be more stoked with the Hulk duffle 2.0 that I received. 

And the woobies? That's a story for another day, let's just say the Sahara is the best woobie-replacement I've ever found. Soft, comfortable, hangable, what more could you ask for....oh, the internal no-see-ums mesh means you're protected from bugs as well!  Hang it up on your bunk for privacy in the jack-shack, then scrunch it up and toss it in your bag when you move to another location. Compact, lightweight, bamboo fiber with breathable mesh interior makes for great insulation in cooler climates, and great breathability in warmer ones.