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Polyester Fill

Pillows, Bedding - Synthetic
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$ 39.95 1 x Base Price: 16" x 12" Bonded Nylon - Black Regatta® Dye - None Dye - None $ 39.95 Purchase Price:
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Bonded Nylon More Colors Heavy duty nylon thread with outstanding durability, reduced color fade and a high UV resistance.                
Bamboo Viscose Outer Shell More Colors I want Tie Dye! A soft lightweight fabric with excellent breathability, moisture dispersion, dye retention and antimicrobial qualities.          
Bamboo Viscose Inner Shell More Colors I want Tie Dye!          
Batting Insulation A very comfortable medium weight polyester batting with exceptional breathability and compression resistance.  
Thermal Material ( 1 ) Polyester Batting - 10 oz
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Edge Binding A durable abrasion-resistant binding with outstanding UV resistance. Waterproof, mildew resistant and easy to clean finish.
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